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Instead of a venn diagram....

Everyone else would create a venn disagram. Once again, we're different.

"omne trium perfectum" 

A Latin phrase. Roughly translated, "everything that comes in threes is perfect". We couldn't agree more. We didn't set out to engineer anything with exactly three parts. It just happened. That the Greek letter delta is a triangle (3 sided!) and signifies change, we find perfect.

So, what' better than a triangle? A pyramid built of triangles - a tetrahedron. Our framework features two.


What's so special about a tetrahedron? 

Aside from being a nifty shape, the tetrahedron the first of the 5 Platonic solids.

The tetrahedron is stable, simple and highly efficient -- it has the greatest surface area of any of the Platonic solids relative to its volume. It also features the fewest possible number of sides for a Platonic solid. As each side is flat no matter how it is placed, the tetrahedron represented balance and stability.


Stable. Simple. Highly efficient. Balanced.


The CROWN framework is a tetrahedron.

Imagine each component of CROWN as an equilateral triangle. 

Codify, Rationalize, Optimize, WiN. 


As WiN is the outcome from use, let's represent it instead as Foundation, given that a solid foundation for your change powers improved success. 


Join them on their edges and, voila! Tetrahedron 1.

Simple. Stable. Highly efficient. Balanced.

Your successful transformation is a tetrahedron.

As before, imagine each domain which is a necessary part of your high-impact transformation as the same equilateral triangle.


Solution. Scope. Behavior.


In that CROWN creates a unified foundation by which you can harmonize and optimize all three components, CROWN becomes the fourth and final face of your success tetrahedron.

Simple. Stable. Highly efficient. Balanced.


We have a nifty venn diagram, too. Request a copy, a conversation about your change effort, or secure a time to discuss the symbolism of the tetrahedron.