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The basis of CROWN

Our focus is unique. Our why is clear. CROWN makes it possible.

The CROWN framework is predictable and repeatable, having been proven across industries, sectors, client strategies and circumstance. It is born of best practices from a host of formal disciplines, key methods and approaches abstracted and woven into a cohesive framework.  

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Your business model is complex.  Amidst a marketplace of competitors and substitutions, customer segments and their unique preferences and demands, stands your offerings . Solutions to customer needs, each with a value proposition laddering to your overall brand and brand promise. Powering all of this, your organizational strategy -- defining how you expect to WIN in the marketplace. Making matters more difficult is the matter of your intended change. Breathing life into the what's and why's behind the shift, defining not only what is to be won, but how the benefit is to be earned. 


Your operating model is equally complex. It exists as a system of people, processes and tools, orchestrated to harmonize and enable you to execute against your strategy. You undoubtedly posses an organizational view - departments, functions, teams. This view, while useful in terms of defining responsibilities and span of control for leaders, is of little help as we seek to explore how well we are performing, or where we might benefit from specific and targeted improvements intended to propel the organization forward.

Complexity kills.

Codify acknowledges both sets of complexities, and seeks to create reference models which make that which is difficult today, easier. Defining how you win. Normalizing the function of the organization. Describing how changes are expected to create benefit. Providing a means to assess not simply results, but organizational performance.

Codify establishes the cornerstones for your change foundation.



With your business model and operating models codified, we can confidently turn our attention away from the present to the future. Rationalize seeks to explore and define how the organization will win the right to earn the business benefits which are being targeted in the change. This exploration will define the entirety of the new value chain. Key to success is right-sizing the appetite for change. We do this by establishing a baseline understanding of today's maturity and performance for each component. With this insight in hand, the task becomes one of systematically targeting key components for change.

Rationalize establishes the design for how we will win, and targets key components for change.



With a solid design in hand -- you are well equipped to weave these into the fabric of the three critical components of success:

  • Solution:  Equipping your team in order to create the best solution for the changing components

  • Scope:  Identifying the ideal scope which is as small and focused as possible, while simultaneously providing the right amount of improvement and change (Minimally Viable Product in the truest sense)

  • Behavior:  Proactively addressing the people-side of the equation with a well formed organizational change management plan

Optimize creates the foundation for your improved change.



We have built the critical components for improving the quality of the solution, increasing the efficacy of execution, and accelerating the behavior changes which underpin success. That said, it is little more than good thinking thus far. This phase is all about actively using what has been built in order to realize the desired outcomes.

Manage to the optimized solution.

Ensure alignment of solution features while also mitigating against scope creep.

Drive the organizational change management activities from a position of strength.

WiN equips you to drive improved results through a better solution, improved execution and accelerated behavior changes.

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