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About our framework

Our focus is unique. Our methods, unparalleled. Our why is what matters

The CROWN framework has been built and time tested to support our central tenets regarding what drives successful change. It has been used successfully across sectors, industries and business models, and has supported an array of strategies and organizational circumstance. Our postulates - that which we hold to be true - are at the heart of our thinking.

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Postulate 1:  Your transformation is overwhelmingly likely to disappoint.

A 2019 survey of business executives found that 86% of transformation efforts failed to deliver the expected business value. This same study found that only 3% of such efforts created lasting and sustained value.

We find disappointment distasteful.

"Find out the cause of this effect, 

or rather say, the cause of this defect,

For this effect defective comes by cause."



Postulate 2:  To WiN, you must create a foundation for your strategy

Speed Kills.

In our experience, it is the rapid shift from strategy to execution which is most responsible for disappointing results.  While it may feel good to be done "thinking" and be "making progress", these early good feelings come at a high price. The price?  An inferior foundation to support your change.

CROWN yields a strong  foundation for your change

"All things are created twice.  First mentally, then physically. The key...is to begin with the end in mind, with a vision and a blue print of the desired result."


Postulate 3:  To WiN, you must enable three critical components

To position your organization to win from the change - to generate a sustained and lasting impact which does not disappoint - requires three fundamental elements be nurtured and optimized.  These critical elements are:

  • The vision for the change (solution)

  • The delivery of the change (scope)

  • The eventual behavior changes which will be required

CROWN serves to optimize solution, scope and organizational change management


"When you come to rely upon the written word, it's time to light the fire with it."


-K.J. PARKER, "Evil for evil"

The foundation of our framework









CROWN helps us to build the foundation to improve your change. Learn about the foundation of CROWN.

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