The marketplace, the economy, the world -- forever changed.  

The long-term effect on your business?  To be determined.  


If your strategy is to pause and stay the course, congratulations and best of luck. If, however, you are adapting your business model and pursuing change, tread carefully.  Excellence is needed today, more than ever.


Umlaut Group was founded in 2006, with a focus of helping our clients increase the benefit from their change efforts.  Our pedigree is  one of helping to drive greater business impact, faster, and in a manner that can be  sustained, organizationally.

We are passionate about empowering your change.  

We Serve

Successfully transforming an organization is difficult - and a universal need. As such, our clients can't be typified by industry, sector, or business model.  

There is one unifying trait, however. Our clients all share a commitment to driving thoughtful, targeted change in order to achieve measurable, systematic benefits for their organizations.

They know that strategy, alone, is useless.  They also recognize that simply executing, even if done flawlessly, yields change but not necessarily benefit.

Our clients are committed  to better tomorrows.

Are you like minded?

Simple, not easy...

The mission has been declared. The voyage ahead is clear. Now, how best to succeed?

Successful, impactful change -- irrespective of type or magnitude-- is built upon a common set of variables. 

Our CROWN framework creates a common, unified foundation, positioning your change for greater success.

Empowering Your Change

In the end, it's about creating impact. Our focus is single -- helping you to maximize the impact of your change efforts, large or small. Let our passion, expertise and experience help you to build better tomorrows.

Changes being made, top-of-house, which will materially change how the Organization will bring its solutions to market.

  • Organizational Strategy Refresh
  • Business Model Changes

Material changes affecting one or more components of your organization's value stream

 Significant Capital Expenditure Projects

Incremental improvements to your existing operating model aimed at increasing efficiency, efficacy and/or impact.  

Continuous Improvement Initiatives
Planning Change
Delivering Change