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Leadership... as a Service

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

The democratization of technology has helped to level the playing field --making new technologies, capabilities, and user experiences available to a wider array of organizations, faster and more cost effectively than ever before. When properly harnessed (see our previous blog on tools), it can accelerate the maturation of key business capabilities – yielding potentially huge wins for the organization.

A similar lever exists on the business side of the equation – let’s call it Leadership as a Service (LaaS).

Many of your reading this may say to yourself “...but wait, that’s just consulting...” At the 50,000 foot level, you are exactly right. As we delve deeper, however, the differences become vivid.

Traditional consulting sells their point of view on your industry. This is typically built by macro-level trends informed by their other clients – your competitors! While keeping an eye on how your competition is evolving is critical, this isn’t Kindergarten Soccer where everyone constantly swarms to the ball.

Instead, LaaS brings a multi-disciplinary approach to evaluating your Business Model, your Organization, your Market, your Goals, and your Opportunities. The thinking is fresh, made just for you. It’s the difference between a made-to-order suit and one found off the rack – without the necessarily enormous difference in price.

In our model, we come alongside your team. We educate on the approach, intent, and implications. Collectively, a focus is defined organically as a function of highest-best-value and readiness. Leveraging a multi-disciplinary model, blending the best thinking from across Customer Experience, Business Architecture, Product Management, Organizational Change Management we help to build a focus as to where your Organization could and should be. We focus not on where the ball is, but where the ball will be. We prepare your team for the same.

In short, we democratize best-of-breed thinking.

What should you expect in such a process? Expect to challenge the status quo.... Expect to revalidate and rebaseline – establishing new drivers and measures... Expect to dispel “corporate mythology” – those convenient stories that have grown over time, which seek to “explain” why things are... Expect to create a sharper, more intentional focus... Expect a focus on the Organizational Change – speeding the realization of knowledge, desire, ability, and impact.

Leadership as a Service is but a simple tool. It enables you and your team to apply some collective pressure and serves to both focus and multiply that force for transformation. Find a true partner. Don’t go to where the ball is.... go to where the ball will be.

We can help.

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