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Our belief:  Failure of strategic projects is rooted in a rush to execute.  

Improper Focus

The rush to execute sets in motion all of the usual project concerns. 

Governance...  Teams...  Business Cases...  Features...  Timelines...


While all of this feels good (we're making "progress"!) and will eventually be necessary, something is missing. 


Invariably absent is the bridge between Strategy (the Why) and Project (the How) -- the What.


The What describes those things done by the organization which will be needed to execute against your strategy. The What also highlights areas where changes will be required.  

In combination, this provides the context which is critical to the success of your efforts.  

We Partner to Ensure Context and Improve Focus


Without an understanding of the What, predictably, you will experience the following as a result:

  • wayward scope

  • lack of organizational alignment

  • incomplete view on how actual business value will be created 

The byproducts of which include:

  • project bloat

  • compromised ability to drive meaningful organizational change

  • challenge in establishing KPIs and measures

All of which reduces your odds of success.

We Help Mitigate Against Typical Sources of Failure 


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